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Testimonial from Andalusia


Friends of Eautarcie, we regret to announce very sad news: József ORSZÁGH passed away on Wednesday October 14th 2020.

He will no longer respond to the many inquiries that are sent to his email address about the Eautarcie concepts, but you may continue sending inquiries to his collaborator, André Leguerrier ( who will do his best to provide answers to your questions.

The Eautarcie website remains active and will continue showing extensive existing information that may be useful for your projects.

We will keep you updated on the future of his research and publications so that his legacy endures and remains accessible to all.

Thank you for understanding

The Eautarcie group
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About the word EAUTARCIE (pronounced « Oh-Tar-See »): in French, ‘EAU' means water, ‘AUTARCIE' means AUTARKY, or a self-sufficient system independent of outside influences: EAUTARCIE, is therefore a neologism. The word was first coined by Philippe Gauthier and Manu Simon in 1997 in their film production « Eautarcie: Le civisme hors la loi » (Eautarcie: Civic Stances Outlawed), about the first set-up built along these lines.

The text within this page was first published in French on in 2003

The original text has since been adapted and first published in English on this page at 2009-06-15

Last update: 2018-12-28



We will respond by email to all technical questions.

Our Hungarian readers can contact our contributors, Szijártó Csilla and Tőgyi Balázs.

Our English-speaking readers can contact our Canadian collaborator, André Leguerrier.

For correspondence in Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish, Joseph Országh will respond with a certain delay, for translation purposes.

May we emphasize the contribution of our team of volunteers who profoundly believe in the work described on this website and have deemed important that it be more widely disseminated.

First of all, many thanks to Marc Esselin who kindly hosted the first website,, before its transition to

We depend on the continued collaboration and expertise of André Leguerrier, our editor-in-chief, architect in Montreal (Canada) who has given a new impetus to the site not only by having translated almost all of the works from French to English, but also through his own works, complementary to those of Joseph Országh. André Leguerrier beneficently manages and updates the site, ensuring its continued relevance. He can be reached at: He can answer questions both in French and English.

We are deeply indebted to our main Dutch-speaking contributor, Jos Debouvere who kindly accepted to translate the works from French to Dutch. Many thanks to his predecessors, Marie-Claire van Arendonk and Christophe Rocour for their earlier contribution.

We must also acknowledge the collaboration of our German-speaking contributors, namely Severine Felt supported by Elisabeth Felt and Arnold François, as well as Françoise Villard, who have kindly accepted to translate a number of documents from French to German.

May we also underline the collaboration of our Italian contributor, Nicola Passardi, who has kindly accepted to translate some of the works from English to Italian. Many thanks to his predecessor Antonello Dell’Orto for his earlier contribution.

As well, many thanks to our Spanish contributor, Paula Lumbreras who has kindly accepted to translate some of the works from English to Spanish. And gracious thanks to our earlier Spanish-speaking contributors : Lucie Allain, Inés Clavero Hernández and Florian Nordberg who translated documents from French to Spanish.

Finally, lest we not forget that the website was kindly designed and, until recently, hosted under his sponsorship by the webmaster Thierry Perrin.


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